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The Bad Widow Neep

I have my eye on your bad links.


SEO is a universe unto itself – good links/bad links, on-page/off-page, Analytics, Webmaster tools, tags, keywords, categories, trust, authority, rank. A business that does at the very least consult with an SEO Expert (read:SEO Ninja Goddess) is not going to see their website show up on search engine pages when users look for their service or product unless they have no competition at all. More and more, people are going to the interwebs to buy, to research before they buy, to find contact information, to compare quality and prices, and to learn. If you provide something, of course you want those people to find you. Otherwise, it would be like (in the old days) having a storefront out in the boondocks without your business name on a sign and you don’t list yourself in the phone book. You don’t want to hide! Call 386-453-1473

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